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 Norwegian Units:

When Major Colby split the Norwegian OGs into two units it was thought to be a short lived separation caused by limited air transport for the original deployment plan of Operation RYPE. At that time it was thought that after the first unit was deployed the remainder would follow during the next light-moon phase. But as delays and problems emerged and multiplied, Lt Hall’s principle effort was to maintain an aggressive schedule of training to keep up the morale of his men and to have them ready.

Though not deployed as planned, NORSO II was finally called into Norway to bolster the Chief of Police in Namsos in the surrender of the German forces there, and then to seize Vaernes Airfield which was still occupied by German military—disarming a large number of SS troops that were there.

It was at Vaernes on 29 May that NORSO I and NORSO II were rejoined. The NORSO I/RYPE report covers the conclusion.


This summary of the Norwegian Operational Group was taken from the records of the National Archives provided through the courtesy of Lt. Col. Ian D.W. Sutherland. Among the records used were the final report of Operation RYPE written by Major William E. Colby, plus numerous other of his reports; and papers written by Lt. Col. Hans H. Skabo. "You're Stepping On My Cloak And Dagger" by Roger Hall, leader of NORSO II, was also reread for possible added background. The writer was able also to reflect on memory of personal observations and contact when the OG group was in training at Area F. Summary compiled by Art Frizzell.

Norwegian OG Personnel:

Major William E. Colby, Commanding Officer *
Capt Tom Sather *
1st Lt Glenn J. Farnsworth *
1st Lt Roger W. Hall
1st Lt Blaine E. Jones **
1st Lt John Kroona
T/Sgt Trgve Berge **
T/Sgt Einer A. Eliassen *
T/Sgt Nute Joa
T/Sgt Clifford Kyllo
T/Sgt Borge Langeland *
S/Sgt Odd A. Anderson *
S/Sgt John Halvorsen
S/Sgt Fred J. Johansen *
S/Sgt Edward J. Kjellness **
S/Sgt Arnen Listeid *
S/Sgt Marinus D. Myrland *
S/Sgt Leif Oistad
S/Sgt Erling E. Olsen
S/Sgt Alf H. Paulsen *
Cpl Vernon L. Austreng
Cpl Arne M. Hoff
Cpl Kai O.C. Johansen *
Cpl Karl Larsen
Cpl John Sunde
T/3 Robert Anderson **
T/4 Otis Ausen
T/4 EinarM. Kristiansen
T/5 Sverre Aanonsen *
T/5 Harold Andersen
T/5 Jorgen Andersen
T/5 Knut Andreasen
T/5 Delphis Bonin
T/5 Knut J. Falck **
T/5 Asmund Gravdal *
T/5 Eddie M. Hovland
T/5 Bernard N. Iverson **
T/5 Torleif Johansen
T/5 Elmer Kvasager
T/5 Olav Eide
T/5 Leif E. Meland **
T/5 Harold E. Ness
T/5 Halvor H. Nipe *
T/5 Albert Nordang
T/5 Gerald Ottersland **
T/5 Matti Raivio *
T/5 Wilton M. Rasmusson
T/5 Johannes S. Rorvick **
T/5 Tosten Rusdal
T/5 Erling Savesen
T/5 Oddberg P. Stiansen *
T/5 Eddie Sondeno **
T/5 Morris Syrstad
T/5 Otto Twingley
T/5 Sivert Windh

* Initial RYPE deployment
** Killed in airplane crashes



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