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The Balkan Group was Company "C" of the 2671st Special Reconnaissance Battalion. It had two parts, "Unit A" and "Unit B." The men of Unit A were originally selected for operations in Yugoslavia, Albania, Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslavakia, Bulgaria, Austria and Poland. It eventuated that Yugoslavia was the only country for which these men were used. Most of those in Unit B had close connections with Greece. The Greek OGs were divided into 8 small groups: "I" through "VIII." Of these, III, IV and VIII with Hq were assigned to operate with the Yugoslavian Group on Vis from February to June of 1944. Troops of Unit A and those from Unit B totalled about 400 men.

Yugoslavian Operations:

Objectives were to engage in as many offensive missions as possible to the Dalmatian coastal islands where there were concentrations of German forces, and to perform reconnaissance and intelligence activities.

Troops of Company "C" destined for Yugoslavian operations started arriving at Bari, Italy, the rear echelon base in January, 1944. As more components came from the states they transferred first to the vicinity of Manfredonia for additional training and next to Torre a Mare, a larger facility. Troops then were sent to the Dalmation coastal island, Vis, the first ones arriving January 20. At this base for Yugoslavian missions they became part of the Allied garrison which included British Commandos, a Raider Support Regiment and other British units, and Partisans. Also available was Navy and Airforce support. Total troops on the island numbered several thousand.

Yugoslavian Operational Details:
I. Island Operations  
II. Reconnaissance Patrols  
III. Mainland Operations  

Greek Operations:

At the request of the Greek Government in exile a Greek Operational Group was formed from the 122 Infantry Bn. at Camp Carson, CO, in February, 1943.  With additions, rejections and further training nearly 200 enlisted men and officers were ready for foreign duty.  In Greece the armed resistance was by the Andartes, Greek guerrillas living in the mountains.  Withdrawal of the 80,000 German troops was foreseen and plans were based on delaying, harassing and making costly this withdrawal. OGs and a British unit, the Raider Support Regiment, would work with the resistance to accelerate the plans.  The first OG unit entered Greece April 23, 1944.

Greek Operational Details:
Group Date Area
Greek Group I April 23 Epirus, NW Greece
Greek Group II June 18 Roumeli, S Central
Greek Group III July 19 Thessaly, Mid-E Greece
Greek Group IV Sept. 8 Macedonia
Greek Group V May 21 Mt. Paikon, N Greece
Greek Group VI July 19 Olympus, Mid-E Greece
Greek Group VII May 16 Peloponesus
Greek Group VIII July 16 Macedonia


This summary of the Balkan Operational Groups was extracted from records of the National Archives provided through the courtesy of Lt. Col. Ian D. W. Sutherland. Attorney Sutherland is the compiler of the encyclopedic "Special Forces of the United States Army, 1952-1982"






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