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Personnel. Capt. R. Darr, CO, Lt. D. E. Mort, 2nd in Com. and 28 EM.

July 15. Group boarded an LCI at Monopoli, Italy, and landed near the mouth of the Akheron River night of 16/17.

July 18-20. Personnel moved and equipment was shuttled from beach into mountains 8 hours distant. Over quarter of equipment lost because Allied Mission made no provision for guard.

July 21-27. Six-hour move to Romanon in spite of mule shortage.

July 28. Group VIII joined Group I and both moved to Radhovisi.

Aug. 18. Ambush - see report of Group I, this date.

Aug. 26. Groups returned to Romanon.

Aug. 31- Oct. 8. Group VIII left Grou p I and spent the following weeks reconnoitering and planning possible operations.

Oct. 8. Group VIII, RSR and 200 Andartes took positions for an ambush on the Agras-Arriss RR and road.

Oct. 9. German force of 200 infantry, an armed train and 8 trucks approached. Andarte fire pinned the German infantry down, and the train and trucks stopped out of sight of the RSR. German cannon and mortars returned fire. A small RR car and 2 trucks with mounted cannon approached and were immediately destroyed by RSR anti-tank guns. In 5 minutes ammunition of RSR mortars and guns was expended and these sections withdrew. In half an hour the Group withdrew 600 yards and held position the rest of the day. Germans withdrew late in the afternoon. 8 Germans were killed and over 50 wounded. Two days later Germans abandoned and destroyed Agras station, two RR bridges and retreated toward Edessa.

Oct. 9-Nov. 7. In this period harassing activity by a small group caused around 10 German casualties and loss of several vehicles. Reconnaissance was continued but no major operations.

Nov. 20. Group was evacuated by air from Ardea to Bari. They had operated in Peloponnesus, Epirus and Macedonia with no casualties.

This summary of the Balkan Operational Groups was extracted from records of the National Archives provided through the courtesy of Lt. Col. Ian D. W. Sutherland. Attorney Sutherland is the compiler of the encyclopedic "Special Forces of the United States Army, 1952-1982"


Capt. R. Darr
Lt. D. E. Mort
1st Lt. Gilbert O. Jackman
T/Sgt. John G.Glaros
S/Sgt. Sam C. Poulos
S/Sgt. George C. Karakitsos
S/Sgt. Demetrios N. Polyzos
Sgt. George N. Kfstathiou
Sgt. John Richakas
Sgt. Eleftherios T. Tsantes
Sgt. John E. Tsouderos
T/4 Arthur D. Papoulias
T/4 Evangelo Agelopas
T/4 Thomas P. Soullas
Cpl. Paul Siapicas
T/5 John C. Cacavias
T/5 James T. Drake
T/5 Gus Eliopoulos
T/5 Constantinos S. Katsikis
T/5 Rudolph R. Kosisek
T/5 Trifon E. Lafakis
T/5 William Leonardos
T/5 Sipridon B. Papayannakis
T/5 John T. Pirpos
T/5 Martin Redovian
T/5 Norbert F. Rennie
T/5 Peter Stamates
T/5 George J. Stathis
T/5 Nicholas A. Vanikiotis
T/5 George T. Basiardanes




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