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February 1944. Late in this month Greek Group VII was recalled from Vic for an operation in Peloponnesus, the first of two entries into Greece.

Personnel. Capt. J. A. Rogers, CO; 1st Lt. R. Darr, 2nd in Command, and 6 EM, identified as "1st Patrol."

May 15/16. After several attempts to reach Greece by sea and air, the Patrol flew from Brundisi and parachuted safely near Lala, Peloponnesus. Area was reconnoitered in the following days.

June 2. Ordered to the Gulf of Corinth, Patrol reached Allied Mission camp near Kalavrita.

June 4/5. Recon of Corinth-Patras road and RR along south shore of Gulf.

June 6/7. Patrol provided flank security for Allied Mission officers and Andantes to lay demolitions on bridges and under road bved. Highway bridge was destroyed and RR bridge collapsed when Germans tried to run a locomotive over it. No enemy encountered. Walk back was tiring - 8-hour climb from sea level.

June 21/22. After patrols and security functions in Peloponnesus, Patrol returned to Taranto, Italy, by destroyer, rejoining 2nd and 3rd Patrols.

This summary of the Balkan Operational Groups was extracted from records of the National Archives provided through the courtesy of Lt. Col. Ian D. W. Sutherland. Attorney Sutherland is the compiler of the encyclopedic "Special Forces of the United States Army, 1952-1982"


Capt. J. A. Rogers
Capt. Ronald J. Darr

1st Lt. Donald E. Mort

T/Sgt. Peter Panagakos
T/Sgt. James J. Zevitas
S/Sgt. Steve J. Mastros
Sgt. Steve J. Gineris
T/4 Joseph C. Ciras
T/4 William S. Hortos
T/4 Joseph F. Zien
T/5 Arthur J. Agoritsas
T/5 Charles P. Antinopoulos
T/5 Gust J. Babalis
T/5 Aristides J. Boutselis
T/5 Stavros E. Caragian
T/5 James Caroulis
T/5 George Hillias
T/5 Demetrios G. Kamvouris
T/5 Alexander G. Katsias
T/5 Gust Kitakis
T/5 Peter Kurchock
T/5 Charles Liarakos
T/5 Gus Nanos
T/5 Alexander C. Poryzess
T/5 Theodore J. Poulakos
T/5 Konstantine A. Salaris
T/5 Anthony G. Sampatacacus
T/5 Steven F. Segeti, Jr.
T/5 Harry Shiomos



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