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To harass or destroy remnants of enemy escaping from Southwest France north and east to the Belfort Gap into Germany.

3-4 September. Ten Liberators took Group "Christopher" plus Jedburgh team "Desmond" totalling 57 officers and men and dropped them between 2315 and 0130 in Poitiers area. Good Maquis reception. Food and sleeping quarters were provided in Avot. An ankle injury and a knee injury necessitated care in a Maquis hospital.

c. 6 September. After several days of searching for enemy to attack, Group moved toward Chatillon and at Maissy joined Maquis under fire from several hundred Germans. Group was recalled and continued into Chatillon which had just been evacuated. Group moved 5 miles to a village and fired mortar shells into the area where Germans, who had been threatening the village were supposed to be. Moving forward near Villotte and Maissy, with Lt. Fletcher and his squad on the left and Lt. Larson on the right, Capt. Hjeltness set up machine gun fire on Germans seen in the woods. Maquis were firing a Bren gun. When firing diminished the group continued forward but ran into German fire and Lt. Larson was fatally shot. The group retired to Maissy.

c. 8 Sept. Maquis on the right had pulled out through the night and Group moved back to Avot.

c. 10 Sept. From a hill west of Langres, at Geosmes, where Germans were seen the Group dropped dozens of mortar shells in woods around the village and pulled out. The next day seven Germans were reported killed.

c. 11 Sept. The group moved to Langres and found advance elements of the French Army approaching from the South.

c. 12 Sept. Group worked with a French cavalry unit in blowing a gate leading to a large citadel where enemy was entrenched. After an hour of artillery and mortar fire French tanks moved forward followed by part of the Group. At the first gate the first tank met intense fire and withdrew. The OGs set up a defense nearby in case of counter attack. Firing ceased and word came that the Germans had surrendered in Langres and in the citadel. They numbered between 1200 and 1300 troops. T/Sgt. Langeland was shot in the leg and a Jedburgh officer was wounded. The Captain in charge of tanks had been killed.

13 Sept. Group returned to Langres and stayed with Maquis in a seminary earlier occupied by Germans, with a picture if Hitler on the wall.

14 Sept. Group moved to Auberive for rest.

15 Sept. A French Army lieutenant arrived, sent by Gen. Patton to contact the French Army. Capt. Hjeltness informed him they were in Langres.

Now overrun by Allied Armies, Group contacted London, received instructions to return, and reached London 22 September.

Lt. Coulehan had been left on the 10th to recover the body of Lt. Larson. On reconnoitering the area he encountered firing in the German-held area. He then went to Chatillon where he learned of a telephone line over which communication could be established between the 3rd and 7th Armies. This and the defenseless state of Chatillon were reported to an American photo reconnaissance officer to relay to 3rd Army. On returning to Chatillon where Germans were surrendering, woods were searched and Lt. Larson's body was recovered. Burial arrangements were made for burial of Lt. Larson and Capt. Joseph J. Kielbowicz who had been killed on the jump of "ADRIAN" a few nights earlier. Lt. Coulehan eventually found the OGs at Auberive 14 September.


Summary compiled by John Hamblet.




Capt. M. J. Hjeltness
1st Lt. H. F. Apgar
1st Lt. G. J. Farnsworth
1st Lt. L. P. Fletcher
1st Lt. R. D. Hirtz
1st Lt. A Hughes
1st Lt. W. Larson
1st Lt. T. Sather
2nd Lt. Wm. L. Coulehan
2nd Lt. B. E. Whitney
2nd Lt. C. Bates
2nd Lt. A. N. Foster
T/Sgt. S. B. Aanonsen
T/Sgt. B. Langeland
T/Sgt. R. Saunders
S/Sgt. S. Baro.
S/Sgt. T. Berge
S/Sgt. P. C. Bolen
S/Sgt. L. Oistad
S/Sgt. W. H. Peck
T/3 H. G. Nelson
Sgt. M. L. Burke
Sgt. H. C. Ducker
Sgt. E. L. Mihatov
T/4 O. A. Anderson
T/4 R. C. Delorme
T/4 T. Gilbertson
T/4 A. S. Kovalchik
T/4 R. A. Lariviere
Cpl. L. S. Larsen
Cpl. A. Lubbers
Cpl. L. Motland
T/5 J. S. Anderson
T/5 K. Andreasen
T/5 K. J. Falck

T/5 A. L. Hogfoss
T/5 R. M. Kristiansen
T/5 E. Kvasager
T/5 R. Lilleby
T/5 J. W. Manners
T/5 H. E. Ness
T/5 H. H. Nipe
T/5 A. Nordang
T/5 G. Ottersland
T/5 M. Raivio
T/5 T. Rusdal
T/5 E. K. Salvesen
T/5 M. A. Syrstad
T/5 B. W. Tallakson
T/5 C. Torper
T/5 A. J. Westgard
Pfc. D. O. Boak
Pfc. J. S. Buc, Jr.
Pfc. J. C. Goudet
Pfc. R. L. Vernon


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