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To harass the enemy and cut communication and supply routes in the area of the triangle Toulouse, Bedarieux, Severac.

To organize and strengthen the resistance movement and to cooperate with them, to do everything possible to harass and destroy the enemy.

6 August. Secton left Blida Airport at 2100 hours, flew in a Sterling bomber, and at 0007 hour on 7 July reached DZ, "Virgule" between Vabre and Lacaune in the Department Tarn. On the way, the plane was fired on by enemy AA. Plane maneuvered out of fire with no serious damage. Some men had good landings on a plateau but others landed on hillside slopes. S/Sgt. Esquenazi broke his leg and was taken to a French hospital in Brassac. Sgt. Kitchen was cut and bruised by tree branches. Reception was excellent and the Section was taken to the Maquis Command Post.

7-11 August. Discussions with the Maquis, preparation for operations, and reconnaissance.

12 Aug. Section and Maquis ambushed a German command car near Rialet. Later four motorcycles approached with arms which included a machine gun. In the exchange of fire S/Sgt. Gautier and T/5 Spaur were mortally wounded. The remaining seven OGs withdrew as a column of German vehicles started through. All the German motorcycle troops were reported killed.

Night of 14-15 Aug. With bridge at Mazamet selected for destruction, bus carrying the Section and explosives (C2) stopped a quarter of a mile from the target. Two old Frenchmen guarding the bridge were blindfolded and put in the bus. Charges were applied to the bridge, Lt. LaGueux pulled the 30-minute time pencil, bus was reloaded and at a safe distance the blast was heard. The two guards were released.

On the 15th seven Maquis who were sent out to see what had been done to the bridge were ambushed and killed. Subsequently the Section learned the bridge had been completely destroyed.

19-20 Aug. Maquis under Commandant Hughes moved to a cut 7 K west of Mazamet to ambush a train carrying German troops. Lt. LaGueux and demolition team set charges on the railroad. The train arrived at midnight, was stopped, and the Germans fired four 20mm. guns throughout the night. In the morning of the 20th the Maquis fired five mortar rounds and the enemy, an antiaircraft unit of a captain and 60 men, surrendered. Lt. LaGueux and Lt. DeMarco interrogated the prisoners and took military documents, some of them secret, which were turned in to the C.P. at Grenoble. The train carried much military equipment and plunder which was taken for use by the Maquis. The demolitions which had been placed were set off with derailing of engine and cars and cutting of tracks.

That night Commandant Hughes made terms of surrender with the Germans in Castres: 60 officers and 5800 men. The town of Albi was included in the liberation.

23 Aug. With entire Tarn region liberated, operations in the Carcassonne area were considered. Though Germans were reported in that area, reconnaissance there and in other areas revealed none. No further combat opportunities materialized and the Section, with Lt. Frizzell's Section reported to Grenoble on September 13.


Summary compiled by John Hamblet.





  1st Lt. C. E. LaGueux
1st Lt. M. A. DeMarco
T/Sgt. J.L.Vezina
S/Sgt. R. M. Esquenazi
S/Sgt. B. Gautier
Sgt. A. C. Kitchen
Cpl. R. E. Cote
Cpl. H. Shapiro
T/5 H. Berger
T/5 J. Fischer
T/5 M. Landry
G. H. Maddock
T/5 R. Picard
T/5 V. Quercia
T/5 R. Spaur

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