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  5th Army Detach.  

To reconnoiter the island of Pianosa a second time to ascertain enemy dispositions, if any; and to report on the advisability of remaining ashore to continue the reconnaisance in daylight. (The 18/19 January 1944 reconnaisance mission of CHICAGO I to Pianosa found no signs of life; though only two days before that mission an American Air Force pilot was forced down; and after that date a two masted ship off the Pianosa harbor exchanged gunfire with American aircraft.)

With transportation provided by a British Royal Navy crew with motor gun boat (MGB), an OG party of 6 officers and 7 enlisted men (2* of the officers were members of the Algiers to France Group along as observers/assistants) departed Bastia at 1730 hours 30 January 1944. At approximately 2100 hours the shore party of three officers and seven enlisted men, using two rubber boats, made landing at the same pinpoint used previously by Chicago I. The MGB would patrol in nearby shipping lanes with the OG boat party maintaining radio contact with the shore party for guidance and support. Unless it might be decided to extend to a daylight reconnaisance, the boat party was scheduled to return to the drop-off area at 0300 hours.

Leaving two OGs with radio near the landing area the main body of the patrol made way to the north/south road where they cut all remaining wires, noting that the wires that had been cut by CHICAGO I had not been repaired. At about 2300 hours while heading southward on the road the lead element of the patrol, being alerted by a noise, took cover. A patrol of eight men riding bicycles was seen going northward. The men in dark uniforms wore boots and helmets and carried rifles over their shoulders. While none of the OGs could see clearly enough to recognize the helmets or uniforms, they thought them to be German, not Italian.

Because of the size of the bicycle patrol it was assumed that Pianosa was under military control. Therefore, Captain Catanzaro and his party quietly withdrew to the landing point and then made radio contact with the boat party giving the "danger" signal calling for early pick up. They reboarded the MGB at 0115 hours and returned directly to Bastia.

Summary written from EOM reports found in National Archives RG 226, Entry 99, Box 45, Folder 6



(boat party)
Major George Stapleton
Major Alfred T. Cox*
Captain Pedro M. Souza
Lt. jg Peter Karlow (SI)

(shore party)
Capt. Modasto Catanzaro
Lt. Arthur P. Frizzell*
Lt. Elvis Seidner
1st Sgt Cesare J. Daraio
S/Sgt Chester Callinari
Cpl William Federico
Cpl Ponzy Salza
T/5 Joseph Noia
T/5 Rosario Squatrito
T/5 John Tessitore





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