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  5th Army Detach.  
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  5th Army Detach.  

To Harass German garrisons; disrupt enemy communications; gather and transmit intelligence; and establish liaison, supply, arm and train partisan units in the lower Valtellina region adjoining SPOKANE/SEWANEE area of operations.

Sharing flights with personnel of SPOKANE and SEWANEE on March 4 and April 4, 1945, to drop zones “Beet” near Livigno and “Pappy” near Eita, personnel of SANTEE gathered at Fusino, which became their initial base. They joined the partisans, providing and training them with American equipment, and reconnoitering the area extending north to the Swiss border. Skirmishes took place along Val Grosina between partisans with accompanying OGs and enemy which included fascists, nazis and French Malicienne. After one, taking place on the night of April 13, thirty enemy were reported killed. On April 18 three hundred French collaborators and fascists ascending the valley ran into heavy partisan fire with more than 100 enemy killed or wounded and only two partisans killed.

At the end of April Lt. DeMarco with one OG detail fought in Grosotto protecting a base here from enemy bands. At the same time Capt. Giannino and his detail battled in Tirano and effected the surrender of more than 1200 Germans, fascists and French Malicienne. On the 29th at San Giacomo 350 surrendered to the OGs and partisans. The next day the city of Sondrio fell. The entire Valtellina was liberated and the German and fascist/Italian forces were captured or surrendered along with large quantities of arms, ammunition and supplies and placed under the control of partisan units or used by OGs, partisans, and citizens. The OGs set up Headquarters in Tirano and secured airdrops of food.

On May 22 the OGs returned to the Siena base.


Summary made from document written by Lt. DeMarco.


The OGs of SANTEE mission and the dates of their landing were:

Capt. Victor J. Giannino, in Command 3/4/45
1st Lt. Michael A. DeMarco, 2nd in Command 4/4/45

Enlisted Men
T/4 Anthony J. Budraitis (Radio Operator) 4/3/45
T/3 Joseph N. Camarda 4/4/45
S/Sgt. Arthur P. Ciarmicola (Section Leader) 21/3/45
S/Sgt. Joseph F. De Carli 4/4/45
T/5 Mario J. Forte 4/3/45
T/4 Tony F. Gasparich 4/4/45
T/5 Pasquale F. Groccia 21/3/45
T/5 Anthony. K. Laudani 4/4/45
T/5 Vincent Marcone 4/4/45
T/5 Michael S. Messina 4/4/45
Sgt. John Tessitore 4/4/45
Sgt. Bennie A. Bellone, scheduled to join SANTEE was killed in the April 13 crash.





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