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  5th Army Detach.  
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  5th Army Detach.  

Cause enemy to deploy forces by attacking enemy lines of communications along the coast of Italy from Leghorn south to Civitavecchia. From aerial reconnaissance map provided by the 63rd Fighter Wing, a bridge over a ravine near the coast was selected as primary target.

The section composed of a boat party of two officers and one enlisted man and a shore party of one officer and 9 enlisted men departed base at Bastia by US Navy PT Boat 216 the evening of 2 January 1944. At 0150 hours 3 January the shore party was launched in rubber boats, reaching shore at 0220 hours. Going through a trench, a deep strip of woods and a barbed wire fence they found the bridge larger then expected - single span masonry arch about 30 feet wide. Placing a single charge of 250 pounds of composition C plastic explosive in the north pier with two 2-hour explosive pencil charges. Work was completed at 0300 hours when the men returned to the rubber boats and signaled the boat party for pickup. All men were back on board the PT Boat at 0340 hours. At approximately 0500 hours, when about twelve miles from from shore, the watch on the boat reported a bright flash in the area of the target.

After the section returned that morning to base at Bastia, the 63rd Fighter Wing made a fly-over observation of the target. Their report, "Bridge on highway at Q 074345, part of railing blown away but paving still intact. All other bridges intact. No traffic seen along highway." The section's assessment was that the fly over reconnaisance report confirmed that the explosive charge went off. Placement of the charge was to give greatest damage to the sub-structure, therefore would not show to aerial observation.

Summary written from EOM report obtained from NASA author unidentified





Boat Party:
Lt Col Russell Livermore
1st Lt Albert R. Materazzi
Pvt Frank La Rosa

Shore Party:
1st Lt Rocco J. Benedetto
Sgt Arthur Ciarmicoli
Sgt Luigi D'Arezzo
Sgt Mario Cugia
Cpl William Federico
T/5 Rosario Squatrito
T/5 John Tessitore
T/5 Cosmo Mangogna
T/5 Santoro Calcara
T/5 Salvatore DiScalfani





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